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One in the Chamber

Apr 1, 2017
One in the Chamber
  • One in the Chamber
    In this classic game of hunter vs. hunted, your job is to eliminate all other players without being eliminated yourself. Keep your wits about you and use your arrows wisely to survive in this labyrinth. The last player(s) alive wins!
    Game Tips

    • Always remember to keep moving, people will have a much easier time hitting you if you are moving slowly or are stationary.
    • You shouldn't try and hit people until they stop and start to pull back their bow. Doing this will make them a way easier target to hit.
    • Only shoot when you know or have a good chance of killing that player, otherwise you may waste a useful shot.
    • To get arrows back, either pick one up from off the ground or wait 30 seconds.
    • Make sure to have plenty of arrows so you don't run out when fighting.
    • Use your compass to see where the closest player to you is.