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Aug 9, 2017
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    Battle Royale is a last-man-standing game based on the popular games H1Z1: King of the Hill and PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds. In this fast-paced game, players parachute down into a map and have to scramble to collect weapons laying on the ground before going on a killing spree. There are events such as safe zones and airdrops, but beware of the gas that threatens to suffocate you! Keep one step ahead of everyone else and reign victorious in Battle Royale.


    Some tips for having an easier time on Battle Royale are as follow:

    • Get your bearing as you're parachuting down, so you know what terrain you're going to touch down in, where items will be, etc.
    • Remember you can only carry one type of melee weapon at a time and only two types of guns!
    • Have a strategy ahead of time for when you reach the ground (tracking, hiding, etc.)
    • Use airdrops to your advantage, but be wary of other incomers.
    • Stay ahead of the smoke!


    There are two different types of events in Battle Royale.

    Toxic Gas:
    Toxic gas begins after 3 minutes of being in the game and looks like a world border one would see on Raid or Hardcore Games. The walls shrink rapidly and if a player is caught in its smokey grasp their health will deplete over time. Be quick on your feet and stay ahead of the gas to stay alive!

    Airdrops are random events that occur throughout the game. They will be announced in chat before they're about to drop and you will then be able to right click your compass to be shown the direction the airdrop is in. An ender dragon will fly overhead and drop the supplies off, but be warned! It takes a good amount of time for the box of rare weapons, equipment, and ammo to reach the ground, so be on the lookout for enemies coming to grab the loot. While opening the chest, you must remain still. An exp bar will show your progress on opening the airdrop. After you have waited the allotted time you will have access to items not found anywhere else on the map, giving you an extreme advantage over the other competitors.


    When first entering Battle Royale, you will be placed in a waiting lobby. Here, guns will be scattered around on the floor for you to test before the game starts and there will be vehicles of different types for you to test and drive safely. On one side of the lobby, there will be a leaderboard showing the top monthly players. On the opposite end, the top monthly player will have their name displayed as well as a giant statue of their skin! In the lobby, you have the option to set either your 3D or 2D texture pack for Battle Royale and if you're bored of shooting and driving there are two parkour courses near the spawn point!


    Once the game starts, you will be placed in a glass cube while you prepare to parachute down. After a short time, the glass will disappear and you will begin falling slowly towards the ground. Spawn points are scattered around the entirety of the map, but there are typically 3 to 5 players near you, so be careful! Depending on where you spawn you may be in a city, a suburb, or the middle of nowhere. Cities will have higher spawn point counts than anywhere else, so if you spawn in a city keep your wits about you and hurry to collect weapons!

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