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Aug 23, 2015
  • The Points System

    The points system is the currency of Skywars. Points are displayed next to all players' names.

    Gaining Points

    There are two ways to gain points in Skywars:

    • Kills (+3) - Points can be gained by killing other players during a game. Killing a player with melee, ranged weapons, or by knocking them off, will yield 3 points.
    • Wins (+10) - Winning will yield 10 points per win.

    Losing Points

    There are only two ways to lose points in Skywars:

    • Dying (-1) - If you die by any means, you will lose one point.
    • Leaving (-1) - If you leave the game, you will lose one point.
    Using Points

    There is only one use for points:

    Buying Kits (-x) - You can use your points to buy kits before the game. Each kit has a different cost. To learn more about kits, visit the Skywars: Kits page.