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May 19, 2021
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    What is PvP?

    PvP stands for Player Versus Player. This refers to any instance when two or more players fight each other. This can involve weapons, potions, or any other combat items. On PvP Survival, fighting is one of the main points of the game.

    NOTE: Although we are running on the latest version of minecraft, our server still uses 1.8-styled PVP.

    Places to PvP

    The main place to PvP is the spawn, as it can be easily accessed by everyone. There are always players with iron and diamond armor at spawn waiting for a suitable target. You can win a lot of items at spawn, but is also highly risky. You can also end up losing all of your items. Keep in mind that you can stay in spawn to keep spawn protection if you don't want to fight.

    You can always PvP anywhere on the server (there are a few exceptions, spawn being one). The most common instance of fighting outside of spawn is fighting while raiding a base. The team or player that owns the base attempts to protect their base whilst the other raider(s) try to "liberate" all of the resources in the base.

    It is a rare occurrence if players meet randomly in the world. This is due to the large size of the world, and players moving around constantly.

    Players may also try to actively seek out others in order to raid them. For more information about how players track and seek others,visit this page. For more information about building effective bases, visit this page.

    Useful Items for PvP


    You can use any type of sword to fight, though iron and diamond swords are the most effective. You can also upgrade your sword with various enchantments. Each enchantment has a different effect, and so can be used for a different purpose:

    Sharpness deals more damage. Extra damage increases by 1 point for Sharpness I and 0.5 for each additional level (caps at V).
    Knockback deals more knockback to hold back opponents. Knockback increases by 3 blocks for each level (caps at II)
    Fire Aspect sets your opponents on fire and limits their vision. 3 fire damage is dealt with Fire Aspect I and 7 with Fire aspect II.

    Although most battles are fought and won with swords, you can also use a bow or crossbows to fight. Bows are helpful to keep enemies away from you. Like swords, bows can be enchanted:

    Power deals more damage per arrow. Power I increases damage by 50% and then further increases by 25% per leve (caps at V)
    Punch deals more knockback. Extra knockback increases with each level (caps at II)
    Infinity gives you an infinite amount of shots as long as you have one arrow in your inventory.
    Flame sets your opponents on fire and limits their vision. Deals 4 damage over 5 seconds.

    Bows deal 9-10 damage at full drawback, but only a maximum of 6-7 when not. Make sure you fully charge it!


    The most common type of armor used for PvP is made of iron. It is the third strongest armor, beaten only diamond and netherite, respectively. It has decent durability and reduces damage intake by 60%. It isn't too hard to obtain and not a big deal if you lose it, as it can be easily replaced. Diamond armor is also used in battle. It is the strongest and most durable armor, but it is very difficult to obtain. All armor can be further improved with enchantments.

    Protection reduces your damage intake when being attacked. Damage reduction increases with each level.
    Thorns deals damage to your opponents when you are being hit, but reduces armor durability. Damage increases with each level.
    Projectile Protection decreases the damage your receive from projectiles (e.g. arrows). Damage reduction increases with each level.
    Blast Protection decreases the damage you take from explosions. Damage reduction increases with each level.
    Feather Falling reduces the amount of fall damage you take (only available for boots). Damage reduction increases with each level.
    Respiration allows you to breathe longer underwater. The length of time increases by 15 seconds for each level of respiration (caps at III)
    Depth Strider allows you to walk quickly through the water.
    Frost Walker creates frosted ice blocks when walking over water, and causes the wearer to be immune to damage from certain blocks such as campfires and magma blocks when stepped on.

    NOTE: Mending is disabled on Raid.

    Find out more about armor here.


    Potions are another essential part of PvP, and can give you significant advantages over other players. A great offensive potion effect is strength. Strength will do more damage to the opponent every time you hit them. Other useful offensive potions include poison, and instant damage. Poison deals damage over time, whereas instant damage or a potion of harming take away a few hearts in a single instance. Swiftness potions gives you speed, allowing you to outrun your opponents! Potions of night vision can help see your enemy in dark areas, whilst potions of invisibility can allow you to surprise them with a sneak attack (so long as you're not wearing armor, that's still visible!) Be sure to make all your potions splash potions so that you don't end up drinking them yourself!

    There are also potions that can be helpful defensively. Regeneration potions allow you to heal health over time, whilst instant health potions gives the user a quick boost. Fire Resistance potions can also be used defensively to combat fire damage. Potions of weakness can also make your opponent deal less damage, meaning you can take more hits before dying!

    Some potions are best brewed into splash potions. You can throw these rather than simply having to drink them. This can be useful for potions with negative effects such as poison, as you can throw these at your enemy. Additionally, if you're playing with a friend, you can splash both players with 1 potion at the same time, and still receive the benefits.

    Click here to learn more about the potions you can make and how to brew them.


    Soups are also an essential item in PvP, and as a result are commonly used. They are used for fast healing during combat. Each soup heals 3.5 hearts (7 health). To get soup, you either need to find a mooshroom cow and milk it, or craft it using mushrooms and bowls.

    Brawl also provides additional ways to craft soup. Combining an empty bowl with 2x watermelon, 2x carrots, 2x cocoa beans, and 2x cacti can make mushroom soup.

    To learn more about soup, you can visit this page. Keep in mind that when soup is used for healing, it does not restore hunger, but health directly!