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Mar 13, 2017
  • Ranks

    The Brawl Creative server features several ranks, each that have their own set of perks.
    Your current creative rank is also displayed next to your name in chat.
    The current order of ranks is Builder < AdvBuilder < WE1 < WE2 < WEPro.
    Ranks are only obtainable by applying. To apply for a creative rank, click here.


    Builder is the default creative rank you start with. This rank gives you access to plots in World 1.
    The higher the number of the world you are in, the bigger the plots you can claim are.


    • /msg (Allows you to send a message to any player on the server)
    • /spawn (Teleports you to spawn)
    • /speed (Changes your speed)
    • /gmc /gma /gms (Changes your gamemode)
    • /tpa /tpahere /tpaccept /tpdeny /tpyes /tpno (Allows you to teleport to other players and vise versa)
    • /sethome [NAME] /delhome /home (Allows you to set teleport locations. You have unlimited "homes")

    Advanced Builder is the second creative rank. This rank gives you access to new worlds and commands. This rank is extremely lax, and most applicants are accepted within a few days of applying. When making an application, keep in mind it is a must to show builds. Even though the lowest rank that can be applied for, it is still important to show a small degree of skill.


    • /item (Gives you the item you are looking for)
    • /warp world2 /warp world3 (Gives you access to World 2 and World 3)
    • Shout (If you use ! in front of your message, players in all Worlds will see it)
    World Edit 1 is the third creative rank. This rank gives you access to World Edit in World 1. This rank is the second rank that can be applied for. That being said, it is a little more demanding that AdvBuilder, as it is necessary to know how much the applicants skill has increased. Even though this may seem quite tough, it is still a pretty easy rank to acquire as long as the substantial requirements are filled.

    World Edit 2 is the fourth creative rank. This rank gives you access to World Edit in World 1, World 2, and World 3. This rank requires much skill, as a player need to be able to show that he or she is familiarized with World Edit as well as a good builder, detailer, and player. It is also necessary to show a large degree of improvement.

    World Edit Pro is the fifth and final rank. This rank gives you World Edit in all the worlds, and the ability to have four plots in all the worlds. Of all the ranks, this is by far the most prestigious. So, while applying, it is highly recommended to be an achieved, active, and well-known builder. Like other ranks, it is obligatory to show an improved amount of skill since the previous rank application. Keep in mind that it is also significant to be mature, honest, and dedicated. Due to the massive permissions bestowed upon a player receiving the rank, staff must be able to have trust in the applicant.

    Note: It is highly recommended that any player attempting to apply for specific rank must be the rank directly below it. There are exceptions, however.

    Creative Manager
    Creative Managers are the supervisors, and, essentially, the administrators of the Creative server. CMs will have the prefix "[Admin]" on the server, as they oversee server events and large changes. Creative Manager is an almost unobtainable rank, as you cannot apply; CMs are usually hired based on higher staff recommendation.