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Sep 14, 2017
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    Party Ranks
    VIP - Donor
    This is MinecraftParty server's donor rank. It gives players tons of awesome features, including: an aqua VIP tag, double coins from winning minigames, and exclusive VIP-only items in the Party shop. You can buy the VIP donator rank here.


    Boosters give global perks for its entire server for the duration of the booster. More information about boosters can be seen on the Booster section in the Commands page. Party currently has one global booster. To purchase it, please visit Brawl's store.

    - 2x Coins Network Booster: Once applied, the entire server will earn 2x the amount of coins. NOTE: Players with VIP+ will not earn 4x the amount of coins. They will remain at 2x.

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