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Red Light, Green Light

Apr 4, 2017
Red Light, Green Light
  • Red Light, Green Light
    Ready? Set? Don't go! Bringing you the old game you all played as a child, red light green light's purpose is to give you that nostalgic feeling! When the wool in your inventory is green, race down along the street to the finish line. Be careful of the wool changing to yellow, though! When it does, stop so you don't get caught moving on red! If you do, it's back to the beginning. Make it to the end first to win.
    Game Tips

    • Sprint jumping is the way to go in this minigame, but be careful to stop a little bit earlier in case of lag.
    • Keeping a close eye on your inventory can help keep you focused on when to stop moving.
    • Some people find it easier to crouch when the wool turns yellow to risk moving on accident.
    • Don't move side to side as you run. This slows you down.
    • Move around corners on the inside as that's the shortest route!
    • At the start of the game, try to get as straight as possible so you don't run diagonally even slightly to get the slight edge in a game!