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Apr 25, 2015
  • Roles

    When the game starts, you can see your role on the bossbar:

    Depending on your role, you have different subjects:


    Bystander is the most common role and as one, your job is to find the murderers and report them to the Armed Bystanders so they can kill them. You only get a compass that points at the nearest player and you can't hit other players. You can also collect Clues (Emeralds), they spawn randomly around the map. When you collected 5 Clues, you get a pistol with ammunition and are now a Armed Bystander.
    *Spawns with a Compass
    *Goal is to survive, find and report all murderers

    Armed Bystander

    Armed Bystanders are advanced Bystanders. They have a pistol with 16 shots ammunition that onehits other players. Their job is to find and kill all the murderers. If they shoot and kill a Bystander, the Bystander and the Armed Bystander who shot him die. When a Armed Bystander dies, his weapon drops on the ground and Bystanders can pick it up to become Armed Bystanders. There are as many Armed Bystanders as Murderers.
    *Spawns with a Compass, a Pistol and 16 Pistol Ammo
    *Goal is to survive, find and kill all murderers.


    The Murderers are the opponents of the Bystanders. They spawn with a Diamond Sword that gives them a Speed Boost if they are holding it. They have to kill all Bystanders and Armed Bystanders to win the round and if they don't kill a bystander for 2 minutes, their name is announced in chat. Compared to the amount of Bystanders there are only a few Murderers, so they need to play tactical. Murderers can also collect clues, when they got five their nickname changes.
    *Spawns with a Compass and a Sword
    *Goal is to kill all Bystanders and Armed Bystanders