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Shoot the Sheep

May 8, 2020
Shoot the Sheep
  • Shoot the Sheep
    Duck? Hunt! Don't be so easily fooled. You aren't shooting ducks out of the sky like the classic video game. Instead, you'll be focused on taking down different colored sheep! Take aim carefully and shoot only the ones you know aren't -100% sheep. The player(s) with the highest score wins!

    Game Tips

    • Take time to aim!
    • Go for easy targets closer to you!
    • Timing is everything!
    • Know how many points every color gives you!
    • Do not hit the black sheep!

    Sheep Point List

    Grey sheep: 15 points
    Brown sheep: 14 points
    Green sheep: 13 points
    Purple sheep: 12 points
    Magenta sheep: 11 points
    Red sheep: 10 points
    Orange sheep: 9 points
    Blue sheep: 8 points
    Cyan sheep: 7 points
    Light Blue sheep: 6 points
    Pink sheep: 5 points
    Lime sheep: 4 points
    Yellow sheep: 3 points
    Silver sheep: 2 points
    White sheep: 1 points
    Black sheep: -100% points