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Jun 4, 2021
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    What Is The Shop?

    The shop is a place where players can buy and sell any items that are obtainable in Minecraft. Accessible via the /shop command, players can sell items at a price they set. Other players will be able to purchase these items.
    Using this command, a GUI will open will open similar in size to a double chest. Using the commands /buy and /sell will allow you to quick sell and buy items. The usage for a quick the quick buy command is as follows: /buy [amount] [item] [max price]. For instance, the command "/buy 1 obby 3" would automatically purchase one piece of obsidian for a max price of three gold. NOTE: You cannot use quick buy commands while combat tagged.

    Players can navigate through the categories of the shop by left clicking the items.
    When a specific item is left clicked, all offers on that item from other players will be shown. The offer with the lowest price per item will be displayed in the top left corner. From there, the price for each item will increase. The number displayed for each offer is the maximum number of items purchasable with that offer.

    To see the items you have for sale, click the bed on the lower right corner, and your items come up in order of increasing price. You can remove the item if you wish but will be charged a 15% tax (see below) to do this.


    The currency in the shop is labeled as "g". This stands for gold. One gold ingot is worth 1g in the shop.

    There are 2 ways of obtaining gold. The first way is to find it in the world. You can do this by mining, raiding, and raiding unraided water temples, desert temples, and jungle temples. Gold ingots can be put into your balance by transferring the gold ingots in your inventory using /deposit <amount> (The amount in this command is to how many gold ingots are in your inventory) or simply /deposit all to deposit all gold in your inventory. Once money is deposited, it's completely safe inside your bank. It cannot be accessed by anyone other than you, and dying does not deduct anything.

    The second way to obtain gold is to sell items. You can put up items up for sale, which other players can then purchase. You can make money fast with this method. Learn more about this below!


    To begin with, a player must have enough gold for the purchase of the desired item. If a player doesn't have enough gold, they will not be able to purchase it!

    TIP: Your balance can be viewed in the top left corner of the shop GUI, or by using the balance command ( /balanace [player] )

    Firstly, you can find the item you wish to purchase by searching through the categories in the shop GUI. Once you have found the offer you want, left click it. A message will pop up in chat asking the amount of the item you wish to purchase. If you want to cancel the purchase at this point, type 0 or click 'Cancel' in chat. Once you type in the amount, provided you have enough money, the item(s) will be placed into your inventory, and the money taken from your balance. This will then be given to the player you purchased the item from.


    Firstly, you must have the item in your inventory to be able to sell it. Use the shop command (/shop) and click on the item in your inventory (not in the shop itself). In chat you will he asked the amount of that item you wish to sell - Type how many you wish to sell into chat and press enter. As with buying, you can back out at this point by typing 0 or clicking 'Cancel'.

    After that, the price per item will need to be specified. This is not the price for the item bundle as a whole, it is for each individual item.

    Example: If you want to sell 5 diamonds, if you set the price as 4g, each diamond will cost 4g. This makes all 5 diamonds in total worth 20g.

    Once entered, the items will be placed into the shop. If a player chooses to purchase them, the seller will receive the money.

    Removing a listing - To remove an item you are currently offering in the shop, use the shop command (/shop) and click on the bed in the bottom right corner. Search for the listing you want to remove, and right click it - The items will then be returned to your inventory.


    Taxes - If one or more items from an offer is sold, the full price will not be received. 15% of the money will be deducted to pay taxes. The tax system is in place to prevent the shop from being used as a storage facility.

    Example: If you sell 1 diamond for 10g, you will receive 8.5g if it is sold, with 1.5g being taken as taxes.

    Taxes are also deducted if you 'buy' your own items back from the shop. For instance, if you put a chestplate in the shop for 100 gold, and later buy it back, you will get 85 gold back (with the other 15 as taxes).


    Helpful hint: The text bar might think you are spamming if you sell items and quantities that are the same (for example, 1 sword for 1 gold). To avoid this, you can add '.0' to your price- for instance, you can sell 1 gold for 1.0 gold and the text bar won't see it as spamming.

    There is also a top 10 leaderboard at spawn that displays the players with the highest balances on the server.