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Smoke Monster

Apr 1, 2017
Smoke Monster
  • Smoke Monster
    Watch out for the smoke monster! Its arms will extend from the center of the arena and it's up to you to avoid being hit by any of them. If the smoke monster gets you, it's game over. The last player standing defeats the beast and wins.
    Game Tips

    • Always start out away from the middle as it is easier to see the pattern that comes out of the smoke monster
    • Study the patterns of the smoke monster and learn how to avoid getting struck.
    • During the 4-arm sweeping pattern, get as close to the middle as possible to avoid getting eliminated easily.
    • Keep track of how long each pattern is and move away from the middle during the transition of the next pattern.
    • It can be an advantage to be in F5 mode.
    • If the smoke monster ever swings your way, try to jump over it!