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Snowball Fight

Apr 1, 2017
Snowball Fight
  • Snowball Fight
    Winter is upon us and it's time to make a name for yourself as the ultimate snowball champion! Traverse this snow-filled map and use your shovel to collect snowballs. Then be prepared to chuck them at unsuspecting victims. If you're hit, you're out! The last player(s) standing win.
    Game Tips

    • You should try to get far away from the center when the game first starts, you have a higher chance of getting eliminated if you stay where you spawn.
    • Break as much snow as you can so you stay loaded up with snow balls.
    • You are able to mine snow slabs quicker, so you can use this tactic to quickly refill if need be.
    • To be successful, remember to always be alert. Try to take cover whenever possible.
    • Use your compass to find the player closest to you.