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May 19, 2021
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    What is the Spawn?

    The spawn is the area where you start when you join the server for the first time. You can always teleport back to spawn using the /spawn command. You cannot destroy or place blocks in the spawn area. However, you can set and destroy blocks in the Vanilla Minecraft world around it.

    A helpful hint to leave spawn quickly is to use the /random command. This command can be used near spawn to teleport you to a location away from spawn, but within 512 blocks of it. This has a 24 hour cooldown, but when you warp to a random location you generally can warp to other locations immediately.

    Spawn is also the main area where you can get a taste of the true experience of Survival PvP. Spawn is a place where fights often take place. Spawn is a great area for PvPing, watching fights and making trades, as well as much much more!

    Warning: The 512 block area around spawn is reset daily. That means that anything build or destroyed there won't be there the next day - So don't go building your precious bases there.

    Spawn Protection

    When you join for the first time or use /spawn you will gain spawn protection. While you have spawn protection, other players will not be able to damage you, and you also will not take fall damage or effects from splash potions. But, be careful! You will still take damage from fire, lava, and hunger.

    When you leave the spawn area or when you hit a player who has already lost spawn protection, you will lose your spawn protection (you will see a message in chat when/if this happens). You will then be vulnerable to damage from other players. It should be noted that shooting, hitting, or Pvping a player who has lost their spawn protection will also result in you losing your spawn protection.



    There are several sponges in the spawn area. If you walk over a sponge, you will get catapulted into the air. They are helpful when you need to move faster. You can also have fun with them! Sponges can be found naturally in Ocean Monuments, and function in exactly the same as the ones at spawn, so feel free to use them in your base, and other building projects!

    NOTE: Sponges become unusable if you are combat-tagged.

    Pig Spawner

    Under spawn, you can find a pig spawner. If you just started and have no food, this is a good source of food. Use a weapon or your hand to kill the pigs and get pork chops.

    KOTH Portal

    Under spawn, you can find the KOTH portal. This will teleport you to the KOTH world where you can participate in our weekly team-based event. The event takes place every Saturday at 3PM EST, but you can travel into the KOTH world at any time.