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May 19, 2021
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    What is Surviving?

    The concept of surviving is as simple as it sounds. It simply means avoiding death and outlasting your enemies. This involves handling all the pressures of a regular survival minecraft game, but also handling enemy players too!

    Let's face it, surviving can be difficult. There's a lot you need to know about and your opponents can be more than a match for you at times. That's why this page exists- everyone knows surviving isn't easy, but following these tips hopefully you'll be able to not only survive, but thrive!

    First Steps

    • Your first step should be to get food. There is a pig spawner located underneath the platform you spawn on when you first enter the world. Follow the stairs down to the bottom level and travel through the tunnel to reach it. It is recommended to kill enough pigs to get the food needed for the long run you have ahead of you, not just the ones you need at that moment.
    • After you have enough food to keep your hunger up the next step is to leave spawn. This might not be easy if there are a lot of people on because many players like to camp spawn for an easy kill. If you step off the spawning platform you will lose spawn protection and so it's important to find an unpopulated corner to leave from Pro Tip: most of the pvpers like to hang out at only one side of the spawn. Head in the opposite direction to have a better chance of getting out safely! You can also use the /random command to teleport to a random location. Be warned! This command has a long cooldown!
    • Now that you've found a corner with nobody around, you need to run as fast as you can from the spawn. People may see and chase you so don't stop to look behind you until you're sure you're far away from anyone else. Now you've gotten through the toughest step you can move on to building a base.

    Building a Base

    • You might have gotten away from spawn, but sooner or later night will fall. To stay safe, you need to make a shelter quickly. When night falls, hostile mobs will begin to spawn, and a shelter is the only way to stay safe! Pro Tip: Use the /sethome command to save your location. This will help you find your inventory items again if you happen to die!
    • There are four different types of bases:
    • Sky bases
    • Underground bases
    • Nether bases
    • Ender bases
    • Sky or underground bases are recommended as bases on the ground are easily found and raided by other players. (More detail about each type of base will be discussed below)
    • Building a base requires a number of resources, so be sure to collect these as you travel.
    • Try to place a warp to your future base (by using the command /warp set <warp name>) so that if you die you can easily get back to your base is/was.
    • It's a good idea to have multiple warps to different locations (with chests of resources at each location) so that if your base gets raided you don't lose everything. Make sure to keep these hidden well, or you could be raided!
    Sky Bases

    • Sky bases are difficult to find and raid due to their high altitude; the best location for them is around y=250 or so.
    • Make a sky base entirely out of chests because it doesn't cast a shadow on the ground below and can't be seen from normal altitudes. This makes it impossible to spot! Also, item frames can be visible from any distance, so avoid using them. Also, avoid using other blocks like crafting tables or anvils- they are visible from any distance and will give your vault away.
    • Making a base above an ocean far away from spawn also makes it less likely to be spotted and raided.
    • A good way to make a sky base is to tower directly up into the air as high as possible using dirt.
    • When you have done this, create a warp (by using the /warp set <warp name> command) so you can easily teleport back into your base. Pro Tip: Make sure to have another warp at the bottom of your sky base so you can easily reach the ground as well!
    • After you've towered using dirt, place down your glass and chests in any way you choose. (You can make the base as big or small as you like.)
    • Lastly, get rid of the dirt column connecting to your base so that no one can easily find it!

    Underground Bases

    • Underground bases are difficult to find as enemies have to dig through many layers of dirt and stone in order to find it.
    • These bases are prone to the xray hack (a hack that allows the user to make anything they want invisible or visible.) Pro Tip: A good way to bypass xrayers is to encase your base in obsidian and lava because xrayers will almost always have lava be visible. This means they can't see through the lava surrounding your base!
    • Be sure to bring a lot of pickaxes while building this type of base, because there will be a lot of digging involved!
    • Just as you want to be as high as possible in sky bases, you want to be as low as possible in underground bases. Try to dig down to bedrock level, as this is the safest place for an underground base.
    • Make sure not to leave a tunnel heading up to the surface! Use the /warp set <warp name> command to create a warp to the surface and another to your base, to avoid having long travel times between the 2.

    Nether Bases

    • Nether Bases are nearly impossible to find and are the hardest to raid.
    • This type of base requires you to either create your own nether portal or to use the nether portals located at spawn to access the nether spawn point. Pro Tip: Being a long ways from spawn in the nether will lower your chances of being raided! Also, being near the edge in the nether makes it impossible for anyone to portal into your base.
    • It is highly recommended you bring potions of fire resistance so you don't die from lava and fire damage (there is a lot of both lava and fire in the nether!).
    • Find a lava pool and jump in while you have fire resistance effect. Sink to the bottom of the lava lake.
    • Be sure to bring some type of block (I suggest Obsidian) to properly encase your base.
    • Bring a lot of dirt because lava is not destroyed just because it has been enclosed. You'll need to manually fill your base in with dirt to remove the lava.
    • Now create a hollow base by outlining it with the block type you brought.
    • Once you've enclosed yourself in the base, place the dirt to get rid of the lava. Once this is done, set up your torches, chests, and anything else you desire in your base.
    • Remember that you can't bring water into the nether, so growing food is not possible.
    • Be sure to set two warps; one inside your base and one outside, so you can easily travel between the 2.
    End Bases

    • End bases are the least raided because most people forget to check the end. However, the end is also the hardest to traverse if you don't have the proper gear.
    • Be sure to enclose your base with endstone and other blocks that can only be found in the end.
    • Be weary of the enderman that may spawn above your base and give away your position.

    • Now that you've set up a base you're ready to begin growing some food. A sustainable food source is really important. If you don't set one up, you'll have to keep using the pig spawner located at spawn, or even worse having to forage for it
    • For the beginning, I would suggest killing a couple pigs, cows, chickens, or sheep to keep your hunger and health up while you collect and plant grass seeds, carrots, and potatoes.
    • Begin setting up your farm by placing dirt and water in your base. A block can still be "watered" from up to 5 blocks away so don't worry if you don't have enough water.
    • You'll need a hoe in order to make your dirt block capable of being farmed and is accomplished by right clicking on the dirt block with the hoe in your hand. You can make a hoe from sticks and the usual materials. A cheaper hoe is recommended as using diamonds only makes it more durable, it doesn't give you any additional benefits!
    • From there, just plant your seeds and wait for your farm to grow! You can also use bonemeal to speed up the growing process by a large amount. Pro Tip: Food saturation also matters, as it fills you up for longer periods of time. Growing wheat and crafting bread maximizes your saturation. Cooking potatoes can be done as well, and as for raw food potatoes are the best grown crop to do this, followed by carrots.
    • You can also sell your excess food using the /shop command to earn some money! More information about the shop can be found here.
    • Farms are very helpful for breeding animals; each farm drop (potatoes, carrots, seeds, wheat, etc) breeds a different type of animal. This could be helpful for stacking up on meat, which generally has higher saturation that vegetables.
    • Netherwart farms are helpful if you want to brew, and require soul sand and a bit of patience...


    • To have a chance in combat, you're going to need good armor and weapons. These are either bought through the shop system (more information about this is found here) or through mining ore
    • Weapons and armor made from diamond are the strongest in the game, with them being both more powerful and durable than any other. However, obtaining diamonds is tricky, and so to start out with, most players use the second strongest, iron
    • Iron ore is generated underground from layers Y:1 to Y:63 (Y is the Y coordinate, you can see this by tapping F3 or Shift + F3. The coordinate will display in the top left of the screen). More Iron ore is found at lower levels, so if you're finding it hard, just dig further down.
    • Iron ore is very common, with much of it being visible in caves and ravines. It can be mined with a stone pickaxe and above. Iron is useful in a lot of recipes and so don't be afraid to collect a lot of it. Pro Tip: If you can handle the mobs, try using abandoned mineshafts to collect resources. They have long expanses of walls where ore can spawn. You can also find rare items in chests.
    • Mining iron ore drops the block, which can then be smelted in a furnace to create iron ingots at a 1;1 ratio. This process requires coal, so make sure to collect a lot of that too, it's found in the same area.
    • Once you have a lot of iron, it's time to mine for those diamonds! Diamond ore is found in layers Y:16 and below. The best level for finding diamonds is Y:11 as they are most common in this layer. Be careful, this is also the level lava spawns naturally. Get yourself a bucket of water so you don't have a nasty accident!
    • Most caves don't go this deep, and so you may be forced to create your own mine! The most efficient type of mine for diamond hunting is a strip mine. Pro Tip: You can find out more about mining techniques here. Be warned, there are a lot of different mining techniques.
    • Diamonds are still rare even using these mining methods, so you'll need to spend quite a bit of time to get enough!
    • Diamond ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or above. When mined, it drops diamonds at a 1:1 ratio, though this can be increased with a pickaxe enchanted with fortune.
    • Aside from being used to create armor, weapons and tools, diamond is also used for enchantment tables and mining obsidian (used to create nether portals). This means that they're definitely worth trying to get!
    • Various tool enchantments can help you get more out of mining:
      -Efficiency: Increases the speed of mining blocks. Caps at V.
      -Fortune: Increases the amount of drops. Lower levels have a chance to double the drop, whilst higher levels can up to quadruple it. Caps at III.
      -Unbreaking: Increases the durability of the item (so it can be used more before breaking). Caps at III.
      -Silk touch: Blocks will drop themselves instead of usual items. For example, diamond ore will be dropped instead of a diamond. Can be useful in obtaining blocks usually not obtainable
      -Aqua Affinity: An enchantment only for helmets. Allows you to break blocks underwater at the same speed as on land.
      Each of these enchantments can be useful in different situations when mining. For example, you won't have to carry as many pickaxes if you have an unbreaking pickaxe, as it will last a lot longer. Pro Tip: Using the first diamonds you find on an enchantment table is a good idea because you can enchant any tool or armor, and enchantment tables with never break. You can use bookcases to power these up.

    • A team is a great way to play with friends, improve survival rates, and thrive as a group in Survival PvP!
    • Teams have many different aspects to them:
      • Setting passwords
      • Controlling who can and who cannot join
      • The option to set up to 6 specific team warps ( using the /team warp <warp name> command). The default is set to 3 team warps, but you can unlock team warps with team challenge rewards.
      • The ability to promote and demote team members
    • Teams are also very useful in day-to-day survival:
      • Teams can travel as a group for security.
      • More teammates means more work getting accomplished in a shorter time.
      • Teams can declare war on other teams!
      • tracking and raiding are easier with teammates.
    • To create a team use the /team create <team name> <team password> command. Pro Tip: It is optional to set a team password. Furthermore, do not create teams with inappropriate names or they will be forcibly disbanded by a staff member!
    • You can read more about teams here.

    The ability to quickly move around the map is useful in survival, because it allows you to find resources more quickly, avoid being tracked, and get to tracked bases faster.

    There are several hints to make movement easier:

    • Use horses to move in the overworld. Horses are roughly the equivalent of having a permanent speed potion, plus some protection from damage, plus movement without incurring hunger, plus they automatically step up on blocks 1 block above where you are.
    • Speed potions are helpful for short bursts of speed; this could be especially helpful when Pvping.
    • Boats are helpful to cross large oceans.
    • Depth Strider enchantment on boots helps to mitigate slowness in water. Depth Strider 3 boots allow you to swim in the water as fast as you walk on land.
    • Haste/Speed boost can be bought in the brawl shop and can be deployed for 1, 3, or 6 hours. They let you mine most materials as fast as you can sprint; this is incredibly helpful for crossing large chunks of the nether. Boosters can be purchased at http://shop.brawl.com/
    • Nether portals can be used to connect to the nether, and move in the nether. Each block traversed in the nether is the equivalent of 8 blocks in the overworld, so having a portal (or warp) in the nether is a great way to move quickly in the overworld.
    • Warp deployment is also helpful. Since the map is large, having warps at strategic locations can cut the time necessary to get to a particular set of coordinates.
    • Ender Pearls are another way to move quickly, although the cooldown restricts them being used repeatedly.

    Boosters are available to provide a server-wide boost. They can be purchased at http://shop.brawl.com/ for duration of 1, 3, or 6 hours. The boosters are as follows:

    • Speed II + Haste II Booster - This provides a speed and haste boost; this allows everyone on the player to mine and run faster.
    • 2x Mob Drops Booster - This doubles the loot that mobs drop. In other words, if you kill a skeleton and it normally drops 1 bow, this will make it 2 bows. This could be helpful if you are XP farming and need a more loot to be dropped.
    • 2x Exp Drop Booster - This doubles the XP that mobs drop. This could be helpful if you are XP farming and need a more loot to be dropped.
    • Feed Booster - This reduces how often you have to eat.