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Feb 19, 2015
  • Teams

    On FPSHG, any player has the ability (before a match) to create a team of their own
    and to invite a maximum of 3 players to it.
    This can be done by using the following commands.


    /team create

    Creates your team.
    Shortcuts: /t c

    /team invite [username]

    Invites a player to team.
    Shortcuts: /t i

    /team accept [number]

    Accepts invite to team.
    Shortcuts: /t a #

    /team decline [number]

    Declines invite to team.
    Shortcuts: /t d #

    /team kick [username]

    Kicks players from team.
    Shortcuts: /t k

    /team fill [true/false]

    Toggles wether you want to fill your team when the game starts

    /team promote/demote [username]
    Promotes or demotes player in team.
    Shortcuts: /t p

    /team msg

    Sends message to members of your team only.

    /team info

    Shows who is on your team.
    Shortcuts: /t i

    /team chat

    Toggles team chat.
    Shortcuts: /t c

    What can teams do?
    Members in the same cannot kill or do damage to eachother using guns or swords.
    Also, if the game goes to a deathmatch if it is you and a team mate left,
    all of you will win instead of having to kill eachother.
    Moreover, you can also search for your team mates in your compass by toggling: Allied players

    Team Manager
    You can also manage your team (before the match begins) using the Team Manager icon in your inventory.
    You can open your team manager by right clicking the player head in your inventory,
    and then you can either create a team or manage your current team,
    by easilly inviting, kicking or deleting the team by clicking on the different icons.
    You can also right click on players in the lobby with you player head to invite them.