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Jun 4, 2021
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    What are teams?: A team is a group of people who work together to survive on Raid! A team could mean the difference between a successful raid/track and an unfortunate death. Knowing all about what a team is and does could be vital to your success in Raid!

    When in a team, you will have a prefix when you talk in chat - This shows everyone you're a member of a specific team. If you hover over this prefix you can see information about that particular team, including the members of that team online, and the teams description.

    General Commands

    These commands are basic necessities in the team system, and so it would be useful to learn all of them:
    /team create <name> - Create a new team
    /team join <name> [password] - Join a team
    /team leave - Leave a team
    /team warp <name> - Go to a team warp
    /team chat - Toggle team chat
    /team notifs (Command Disabled) - View notifications
    /team info [team|player] - View information about a team
    /team color <color> - Changes your team name color (ranked players only)
    /team chatcolor <color> - Changes your team chat colors (unlockable with team challenge rewards).
    /team top - Shows a list of the top teams ranked from highest to lowest, decided by total number of team points.

    Team Ranks

    Within each team, different members have different ranks. When you first join a team, you'll likely start at the lowest rank and progress upwards. If you choose to create your own, you'll start from the top as leader! It's then your job to persuade others to join you. Each rank has specific permissions which increase as your rank increases. Higher ranks will inherit the permissions of the previous ranks. (For example, CoOwners inherit the original permission of Managers and Members can do as well as extras. Managers inherit permissions from Members, along with extras, but do not have access to all CoOwner permissions)

    No Rank

    • Does not own a team and is not a part of a team

    No Rank Commands:

    /team info [team|player] - View information about a team
    /team create <name> - Create a new team
    /team join <name> [password] - Join a team



    • Is a part of the team and cannot take damage (if friendly fire is off).
    • Cannot see chat or warp, but can send messages.


    • Is able to warp to anything set for Member

    Member Commands:

    /team warp <name> - Teleport to a team warp


    • Can invite and kick Members
    • Can add and remove warps
    • Is able to warp to anything set for Manager or below
    • Inherits all Member permissions

    Manager Commands:

    /team warp create/del <name> - Create/Delete a warp
    /team invite <name> - Invite a player
    /team uninvite <name> - Uninvite a player
    /team motd <message> - Change the MOTD for the team when a Member connects
    /team kick <name> - Kick a player from the team


    • Can promote/demote people from Member to Manager and vice versa
    • Is able to warp to anything set for CoOwner or below
    • Can change a variety of features related to the team
    • Inherits all Member and Manager permissions

    CoOwner Commands:

    /team promote <name> - Promote a player
    /team demote <name> - Demote a player
    /team ffon - Enable friendly fire
    /team ffoff - Disable friendly fire
    /team close - Closes the team from people joining
    /team open - Opens the team for anyone to join
    /team desc <description> - Change the description of the team (Viewable with the /team info command)
    /team color <color> - Change the color of the team (Changes the color of team prefix & info)
    /team password <pass> - Change the password of the team


    • Has overall control of the team
    • Can invite and kick anyone
    • Is able to warp to anything
    • Inherits permissions from all other ranks

    Owner Commands:

    /team disband - Disband the team
    /team password <pass> - Change the password of the team
    /team setname <name> - Change the name of the team
    /team perms <rank> <permission> - Change the permissions within the team (Read below)


    TIP: Color codes can be used when changing the team MOTD and description.
    Example: /team MOTD &4Welcome to the team - &2Enjoy your time here
    Would result in: Welcome to the team - Enjoy your time here

    Team Warps

    Each team has 3 warps available that can be set to locations at any one time. Each warp can be set with a specific permission level.
    Example: If the Owner types “/team warp create vault Manager” - then only Managers and above can go to the new warp called “vault”, not Members.

    Team Permissions

    The above information about commands are the defaults when creating a new team. Owners of a team can change the following permissions. This affects which rank can use specific commands:

    TEAM_CHAT - Who has access to talk in team chat
    MANAGE_WARP - Who can create and delete warps
    INVITE - Who can invite players
    KICK - Who can kick players (Of a lower rank)
    RANK - Who can promote/demote players
    FF - Who can turn on/off team friend fire
    MOTD - Who can change the team MOTD
    DESCRIPTION - Who can change the team description
    PASSWORD - Who can set/change the team password
    ACCESS - Who can open/close the team
    COLOR - Who can change the team color
    NAME - Who can change the team name
    DISBAND - Who can disband the team
    PERMISSION_CHANGE - Who is able to alter the above permissions