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Text Channels

Aug 23, 2017
Text Channels
  • Text Channels

    Channels where you can type to communicate! There are text channels dedicated to both general and random matters, as well as server specific topics. There are 12 text channels included on the Brawl Discord that anyone can access:
    • Announcements
    • Welcome
    • General
    • Server-War
    • Server-WarZ
    • Server-Party
    • Server-Raid
    • Server-KitBrawl
    • Server-WildWest
    • Server-HG
    • Server-CTF
    • Server-Build
    • Server-Off-Topic
    • Sports
    • Video Games
    • Welcome
    • Bot-Spam
    • Politics
    • Music
    • Technology
    • Videos
    • Off-topic
    • Lifetime-Club (for Lifetime ranks only)

    There is also an Announcements chat in which you cannot type. This is used by the Brawl server staff to post news and events.

    In order to text chat with others, simply click one of the top listed channels depending on what topic you wish to discuss. You may chat in multiple rooms at the same time. Tagging people is easy with @their_name.


    Similarly to voice channels, using the text channels means you must abide by the server rules. Misbehavior will lead to appropriate punishment.

    Do not:

    - Disrespect staff members or players.
    - Post 18+, screamers, or gore links.
    - Have a 18+ or gore avatar.
    - Excessively troll or be a nuisance.
    - Record people without their permission or in public channels.
    - Do not stream audio/sounds/music over your microphone.
    - Do not crunch, yell, shout, squeal, breathe, etc. into your microphone.
    - Do not hop voice channels frequently.
    - Do not use voice changers.
    - Send malicious links or malicious content.
    - Advertise other servers or sites.
    - Use excessive vulgar language.
    - Discuss inappropriate or illegal topics.
    - Attempt to sell accounts, ranks, or anything else.
    - Use an inappropriate name.

    Punishments include:
    - Permanent ban
    - Temporary ban
    - Server mute
    - Server kick