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Jan 28, 2020
  • 1v1s & Challenges


    /queue 1v1 - Puts you in the queue for '1 Versus 1' fights
    /2v2 - Puts you in the queue for '2 Versus 2' fights
    /3v3 - Puts you in the queue for '3 Versus 3' fights

    /duel <player> - Allows you to challenge a specific player to a 1v1

    1v1s, short for '1 Versus 1' is an arena where you spawn with a selected player to fight to the death. In order to take part in these fights you must type the command '/queue 1v1' and you will instantly be added to the queue. Two people need to be in the queue in order for the fight to take place. If at anytime you want to leave the queue you can simply type '/queue leave'. Once in the arena you have a limited time to beat the opponent, if the time limit is reached a random victor will be chosen.

    Challenges are mostly like 1v1, you can challenge a player with '/duel'. You can also challenge players by selecting the Duel Challenger (slime ball) once you spawn.
    There are various 1v1 arenas you can duel in, come and check them out!

    When you first join KitPvP you have an Elo of 1200, the more the Elo, the better you are . You can gain Elo by winning 1v1s and challenges.

    First of all, to join the 1v1 queue all you simply type is /queue 1v1, you'll be asked for the duel mode you want to fight in, and this will add you to the queue. If you are the first to join this queue, you will have to wait for another player to join the 1v1 mode you have chosen. If you are the second it will teleport you instantly to the arena. If at any point you want to leave the queue, just simply type /queue leave. Once in the arena, you will be given the mode's kit to fight with. Every time you win a 1v1, your ELO will go up depending on what the opponents ELO is. The ending of you match will teleport you back to the FFA arena, where you can start fighting in a free for all arena once again.

    2v2s etc.
    2v2s and 3v3s are both very similar to 1v1s, though when playing these game modes you don't lose or gain Elo.

    1v1 Tips 'n' Tricks

    • When you are low on hearts, be sure to eat some soup quickly for your health to come back fast
    • Critical hits do more damage! When you can, always try to get in those hits.
    • Keep moving, don't stand in one place swerve around the opponent while still swinging as this will put him off which therefore means he will find it harder to hit you
    • Go to the enemy, don't wait for him to come to you, be sure to get the first hit as this could be a big game changer.
    2v2 Tips 'n' Tricks

    • Be sure to stick as a team! Don't split up.
    • A good tactic is for both of the teammates to go for one of the enemies
    • Be sure to keep an eye on your health, make sure you heal yourself from time to time