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Sep 10, 2017
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    Whenever you spawn, you have an assortment of different items which make up your equipment, different roles have different starting items, and as you progress in the game, you can gather more items and develop a complex inventory. Here are the prices of equipment that can be bought in the game:

    From the Shopkeeper NPC

    Lasso: 500G
    Navigator: 50G
    Whiskey: 400G
    Medicine: 200G
    Morphine: 300G
    Bandage: 80G
    Antiseptic: 200G

    Splint: 80G

    From the Tailor NPC

    Leather Helmet: 100G
    Leather Chestplate: 500G
    Leather Leggings: 300G
    Leather Boots: 100G
    Golden/Indian Helmet: 300G
    Golden/Indian Chestplate: 1200G
    Golden/Indian Leggings: 700G
    Golden/Indian Boots: 300G
    Diamond Helmet: 2250G
    Diamond Chestplate: 2900G
    Diamond Leggings: 2750G

    Diamond Boots: 2100G

    From the Illegal Arms Dealer NPC

    T-Gewehr: 6300 G
    Model: 3600G
    Sawed Off: 2500G

    Mauser: 1500G
    Rifle Ammo: 24G
    Shotgun Ammo: 18G
    Pistol Ammo: 15G

    From the Legal Arms Dealer NPC

    Carcano: 1500G
    Blunderbuss: 1000G
    Volcanic Pistol: 800G

    LeMat Revolver: 300G
    Shotgun Ammo: 20G
    Rifle Ammo: 15G
    Pistol Ammo: 10G

    From the Mine Merchant

    Wooden Pickaxe: 200G
    Golden Pickaxe: 300G
    Stone Pickaxe: 400G
    Iron Pickaxe: 900G

    Diamond Pickaxe: 3000G

    From the Food Merchant

    Potato: 10G
    Melon: 15G
    Raw Fish: 20G
    Raw Chicken: 20G
    Apple: 25G
    Raw Porkchop: 35G
    Raw Beef: 40G
    Bread: 40G
    Baked Potato: 40G
    Cooked Chicken: 50G
    Cooked Fish: 50G
    Cooked Porkchop: 65G
    Steak: 70G

    Charcoal: 160G