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Jan 2, 2018
  • Events Timeline

    Game & General Updates
    2/1/2016 Wild West closed beta released
    3/12/2016 Wild West - out of beta!
    4/27/2016 update. Added sheriff horses and changed Indian loot drops. Added Columbia mine
    5/1/2016 update. Added house settings.
    5/3/2016 update. Added option to abandon house.
    5/20/2016 Economy changes. Altered prices for horses and items from legal/illegal arms dealers and the tailor.
    5/25/2016 Event: Take over the cartel!
    7/1/2016 Big update. Includes changes to economy, processing, sheriffs, Indian bows, heads, useable items, mines, and chests. Removed bandit tracker.
    7/2/2016 update. Replaced limited range rouge tracker with unlimited range tracker and scaled sheriff head value to how long they've been alive. Also fixed bug allowing players to take damage in towns.
    7/3/2016 update. Changed properties on most guns, removed armor penetration.
    7/7/2016 bugfix. Players can no longer be one shot
    7/29/2016 Sheriff update. Damage buffs to multiple guns, accuracy nerf, and increased value for sheriff heads. Sheriff respawn time increased to 2 minutes.
    9/26/2016 Big update. Added achievements, skills, and gambling to Wild West. Also includes dozens of weapon, economy, and processing changes.
    10/3/2016 Sheriff nerf. Kevlar price increased, sheriff head value increased, sheriff bodies drop loot.
    4/29/2017 Event: Take over the cartel!
    5/21/2017 Event: Opium Wars
    7/27/2017 Sheriff update.
    7/29/2017 Event: Take over the cartel!
    10/28/2017 Event: Wild West video competition!
    12/23/2017 Event: Wild West bank robbery event!

    3/18/2016 Serine1002, Hoopis, Carsonn, and xxMineSheepxx accepted as sheriffs
    3/25/2016 Lekosa1, Pias, Rytheria, StarZManZ, and TheMafias accepted as sheriffs
    4/1/2016 Sir_Inge, cjschraer, RyGuy, Kashyyyk, NoticeMeWaifu, and massimo12345 accepted as sheriffs
    4/16/2016 Kev917, randomcitizen1, crazybombguy, iMacro, SoullesAngel_, blackbear44, and InfiniSTistus accepted as sheriffs
    5/31/2016 aGuyInASuite and amazingallen1234 accepted as sheriffs
    6/11/2016 SoCool21 and Darthh_Vader accepted as sheriffs
    6/17/2016 Gehenna_Beam, UltraLapse, and TwisterPvP accepted as sheriffs
    7/6/2016 charlottethegirl, NickManEA, and ANIMELOVEVERLYN accepted as sheriffs (NickManEA later demoted)
    7/27/2016 AnonymousGalaxy and RVNG_SLAYER accepted as sheriffs.
    8/11/2016 DarkTitan_, cjschraer, Jager, and sagefinest accepted as sheriffs
    9/16/2016 Trogy, NickManEA, UnknownPleasures, Legolouie, TheMoonlitPrince, FireFlame479, Tasty_Tater,
    DougPlaysMC, and enderdragon3615 accepted as sheriffs (NickManEA demoted again)
    10/22/2016 JadeHouseofNight is accepted as sheriff
    11/6/2016 AmbitionZ_, TheTitaniumTitan, Eil, Depresso, newspeak, and Nafsu accepted as sheriffs (newspeak later demoted)
    1/15/2017 Yupper is accepted as sheriff
    1/19/2017 Grigglepuff, Keksolazio, BlackKnight_7, xAfterqste, Purest_, and ZeFazzy accepted as sheriffs
    2/7/2017 ZeFazzy and Unkillable05 accepted as sheriffs
    2/12/2017 Nafsu is accepted as sheriff
    2/17/2017 SoullessAngel_ is accepted as sheriff
    3/5/2017 Tjocko, PatrykSzczescie, marybear_, ovq, SoCool21, itsmdude, Spexon_01, and NickManEA accepted as sheriffs
    4/22/2017 TheMarksman911, Jbird3604, CrossBoone, and Chilled_67 accepted as sheriffs
    7/1/2017 RioYR, ImYourBae, JustFamouz, Pyrotheum, ZeFazzy, TwisterPvP, and newspeak accepted as sheriffs
    7/28/2017 charlottethegirl is accepted as sheriff
    7/30/2017 DougPlaysMC and Fadaad8 accepted as sheriffs
    8/7/2017 MrSwat and FallenHeroes_ accepted as sheriffs
    8/22/2017 Fireflame479 and _Karst accepted as sheriffs
    9/23/2017 HaxorDuck is accepted as sheriff
    10/28/2017 Jbird3604, Cofio, commander05X accepted as sheriffs

    11/10/2017 CrizonX, minimania123 and Itz_High_Noon accepted as sheriffs

    5/2/2016 TheMafias applies for Wild West staff
    5/7/2016 iMacro applies for Wild West staff
    5/9/2016 SoullessAngel_ applies for Wild West staff
    5/20/2016 SoullessAngel_ and TheMafias are accepted (1,2) as the first Wild West JMODs
    5/27/2016 iMacro is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    6/20/2016 amazingallen1234 is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    7/13/2016 TheMafias resigns. Trial ended
    8/23/2016 Gehenna_Beam is accepted as Wild West JMOD (later promoted to global MOD)
    9/9/2016 RMST1 makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    9/15/2016 RMST1 is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    10/27/2016 Verlyn makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    11/11/2016 Verlyn is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    1/2/2017 charlottethegirl makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    1/8/2017 charlottethegirl is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    1/12/2017 SoullessAngel_ banned/unbanned. Rank removed
    2/10/2017 Meepism transfers to Wild West from Mc-Warz
    4/11/2017 charlottethegirl resigns. AmbitionZ_ makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    4/13/2017 AmbitionZ_ is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    4/21/2017 TheTitaniumTitan makes 4th Wild West staff application
    5/4/2017 Chilled_67 makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    5/16/2017 Chilled_67 is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    5/30/2017 Hitchens makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    6/10/2017 Gehenna_Beam resigns as global MOD.
    6/11/2017 iMarco resigns as global MOD.
    6/25/2017 AmbitionZ_ resigns.
    7/1/2017 randomcitizen1 resigns as Wild West manager.
    7/6/2017 Hitchens and TheTitaniumTitan are accepted (1,2) as Wild West JMODs
    8/7/2017 TwisterPvP makes 2nd Wild West staff application
    9/7/2017 TwisterPvP is accepted as Wild West JMOD
    9/16/2017 Tjocko makes 1st Wild West staff application
    10/3/2017 Tjocko is accepted as Wild West JMOD