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Aug 23, 2017
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    The Wild West has a huge map, this map contains a variety of different NPCs, Cartels, Towns, Rebel Bases, Mines, Drug Fields, and much more!

    Rebel Bases

    There are five different Rebel bases in the world, based on every type of drug. In these bases, you are able to buy illegal guns and process your drugs into sellable items. People can also find loot in chests all around the base. The different rebel bases are:
    • Wildgrass
    • Coco
    • Poppy
    • Tobacco
    • Shrooms

    In a town you can find all sorts of NPC’s, apart from any illegal ones. Towns and mines are the safe zones of the map, which means you cannot be killed in them. It will give you an alert if you walk outside the boundary of the safe zone.


    These farm-like locations are used to harvest the 5 kinds of drugs to later process them in the rebel bases of that drug. Read more about drugs here.


    You can only use this location if you are in a team. Teams can take over these locations, which takes 60 seconds if the cartel is neutral and 120 seconds if another team had already taken it before them. A team is not able to take over a cartel when a member of another team is standing in it too.

    Cartels are used to gain money for the team bank. Each cartel represents a certain drug. If someone sells the drug that is represented by the cartel you took over, your team will receive 5% of this money.
    If you have taken over the Frisco Cartel, and someone sells 1000$ worth of Wildgrass, your team will receive 50$

    Cartels that represent a drug are:

    • Frisco Cartel: Wildgrass
    • Ellsworth Cartel: Tobacco
    • Amarillo Cartel: Shrooms
    • Harshaw Cartel: Cocaine
    • Shaniko Cartel: Poppy


    These safe zones are used to mine ores, which can later be processed into items such as coal, diamond and emerald. When processed, these items can be sold at a Gem Collector for gold. The current mines are as follows:

    • Cordero Mine (Nearby town: Harshaw)
    • Decker Mine (Nearby town: Amarillo)
    • Cumberland Mine (Nearby town: Frisco)
    • Rosebud Mine (Nearby town: Shaniko)
    • Rawhide Mine (Nearby town: Ellsworth)
    • Columbia Mine (Nearby town: Frisco)
    Indian Camps

    These camps are inhabited by skeletons, also known as indians. These skeletons have gold gear and bows that may be enchanted. When killed, these creatures drop a certain amount of gold that can be sold at a Gem Collector. People can also find loot in chests all around the camp.

    Tree Farms

    Tree farms: These locations can be found in every one of the 5 towns in Wild West. Simply mine the wood from the trees and later sell them to a Lumberjack.

    Towns that can be found all around the world, but are not identified as an actual location on the compass. Some of these places have NPC’s like Stable managers, Food Merchants and sometimes even Drug Dealers.


    There are also multiple NPC’s found around the map. These include:

    Legal Arms Dealer: Here you can buy legal guns and ammo.

    Illegal Arms Dealer: Here you can buy illegal guns and ammo.

    Tailor: Here you can buy all sorts of armour, except for sheriff armour.

    Mine Merchant: This is the place where you can buy all kinds of pickaxes for mining.

    Shop Keeper: This NPC sells a variety of miscellaneous equipment.

    • Lassos
    • Compasses
    • Medicine
    • Whiskey
    • Morphine
    • Bandages
    • Antiseptic
    • Splints

    Lumberjack: This NPC buys your wood that you can mine at Tree Farms.

    Bartender: When buying a drink at the bartender, make sure you do not have any valuables on you, because his drinks are very heavy and can sometimes deal a lot of damage to you, depending on the drink. When you do not take any damage from a drink at the Bartender, you will receive a certain amount of money.

    Coin Flipper: Here you can put some money out of your wallet, so other players can gamble with you.

    Drug Processor: This NPC processes only a specific type of drug. There are 5 of these NPC’s in the entire world, and every rebel base has one, which means that you can only process unprocessed Wildgrass at the Wildgrass base. The NPC at Shrooms base will not process your Wildgrass.

    Banker: You can deposit and withdraw money in and out of your bank here.

    Conductor: This kind man lets you travel around every town for only 150 gold ounces. But, you can also rob him to receive some money. Make sure there are no sheriffs online though, they are able to arrest you all around the world between 5 minutes when you rob a conductor.

    Ore Processor: Here you can process mined ores gotten from the mines. After processed, an ore turns into an item which can be sold for gold at a Gem Collector.
    Coal ore turns into coal

    Drug Dealer: Here you can sell your processed drugs in order to receive money.

    Food Merchant: Here you can buy food.

    Gem Collector: This NPC’s takes your processed ores and gives you a certain amount of money depending on what ore you sold.
    Emeralds will give you more money than coal

    Head Hunter: This NPC gives you money when you turn in a player's head. The value of the head can be seen when you hover your mouse over the head in your inventory.

    Home Improvement: Here you can buy chests for in your house.

    Stable Manager: This NPC sells Horses, which are essential if you want to travel around in Wild West. Commonly used horses are the Mule, the Runner and the 3 ‘Premium’ horses, which can be bought with a lot of money.