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Aug 2, 2017
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    In Wild West, there is an option to play a role, there are many types of roles, each having it's own benefit and downfall.


    What Sheriffs Do

    A sheriff is a role-playing rank on the Wild West server. Sheriffs are there to protect the innocent and to punish the criminals. They can be pretty easy to identify but can be very difficult to defeat.

    Sheriffs arrest players who are caught doing illegal activities, including farming and processing drugs. They are also allowed to arrest any player who has rogue status and any player holding or shooting illegal weapons.

    When at a rebel base or drug fields, sheriffs may handcuff any player inside the base to check for illegal weapons or drugs.

    How to become a Sheriff

    To become a Sheriff, one must apply here by creating a thread. If a player cannot create a thread, it means that sheriff applications are not open. Do not apply anywhere other than the Sheriff Applications subforum, as they will not be considered.

    For more information, click here or use the /sheriff command in-game


    Sheriffs must adhere to a strict guideline set up by staff. This ensures that the game stays fair and fun.
    Read more here.

    Sheriff Gear

    Sheriffs receive exclusive gear when they spawn that can't be looted by other players upon a sheriff's death. They also receive guns that can't be obtained by normal players.

    Armor: At default, sheriffs have full iron armor that is retextured to look like sheriff costumes. Sheriffs can buy Kevlar Armor - Prot 3 Iron helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots which costs a total of 19200G.

    Weapons: Repeater (Rifle), Coach (Shotgun), and S&W Revolver (Pistol).
    All sheriffs receive 32 pistol ammo, 32 shotgun shells, and 64 rifle ammo.

    Handcuffs: Right click to handcuff a player. Players cannot move or attack once handcuffed.

    Inspector: Allow sheriffs to see whether or not the handcuffed player have illegal items (illegal weapons/drugs) or not.

    Ticket: If a player has illegal items in their inventory, the sheriff can right click the ticket to ticket players. This will cause a GUI to appear for ticketed players. They can choose to either pay off the ticket with money in the player's wallet, or by mining ores in jail.

    Misc: 10 bread, 1 antiseptic, 1 bandage, 1 splint, 1 knife, a navigator, 3 medicine, 2 whiskey, 3 morphine, a stone pickaxe.

    Sheriffs drop all of their items upon death, excluding their sheriff gear ( Armor, Guns etc. ), and ammo, which only 1/4 of it is dropped.

    When succeeding in killing a sheriff, he/she will drop a head that can be sold at a Head Collector for 5000 gold ounces.

    How To Identify A Sheriff

    Sheriffs can be pretty easy to spot. Sheriffs have special armor that they wear to differentiate themselves from other players. They also have a special title on their name-tag which you can see by pressing TAB. To see if any sheriffs are online use the command /sheriff. Be aware that staff members can also be sheriffs, but not have their sheriff tag show. This makes using /sheriff when logging on to the server a good idea.


    Anyone who isn't a sheriff in Wild West is a bandit. Bandits can make money legally by mining or illegally by selling drugs. However, sheriffs can arrest bandits if they are caught doing illegal activities!

    What Bandits Do

    The main goal of a bandit is to make money. As stated before, they can make money in two different ways. The legal way of making money is by mining or chopping wood at a tree farm. To mine, go to your navigator (compass) in your hot-bar and navigate to the mine closest to you. Once there, you can mine ores. When done, take them to an ore processor and then you can sell the processed ores to a gem collector.

    The illegal way of making money is by processing and selling drugs. Selling drugs is a 3 step process. First, you need to navigate to a drug field using your navigator. Second, you need to head to the drug's Rebel Base and process the drugs. Third, navigate to your closest drug dealer and sell the processed drugs. Be careful though! Sheriffs can arrest you if they see you harvesting, processing or selling drugs. Other players can also kill you to steal your drugs.

    Also, when selling drugs or ores remember to head to a town bank and deposit your cash! All money that you earn from selling is put into your wallet. If you die, you lose all the money in your wallet and other players can take it. Money that is in your bank, however, is not lost upon death, and can only be withdrawn by physically withdrawing it with a banker NPC.

    Bandits can also raid Indian camps. Navigate to your nearest Indian camp using your navigator. Indian camps consist of multiple tents that contain chests. You can loot these chests for items and other things. However, when you enter the camp Indians (skeletons), start spawning. They have bows and can shoot arrows at you when you come close. Upon death, Indians have a chance to drop processed gold that you can sell to a gem collector.

    Bandit Gear

    Bandits spawn with a dagger, compass, stone pick, as well as some medicine and other medicinal items like bandages, antiseptics and splints along with a leather chestplate. However, bandits can also buy more armor as well as more items or even guns by buying them from their corresponding shop. Simply click your navigator and find which NPC you want to navigate to.

    When buying guns, be aware that there are two types of guns: Legal and Illegal. If you are caught with an illegal gun by a sheriff, the sheriff can handcuff you and give you a ticket after removing the illegal gun. Illegal guns are slightly better than legal ones, but keep in mind that they are also more expensive.