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Wool Mix-Up

Apr 1, 2017
Wool Mix-Up
  • Wool Mix-Up
    In this game, The player must stand on that color that matches the wool color in their inventory bar before the timer on their experience bar runs out. If you are not able to reach to correct color in time, you will be eliminated. The last player standing wins
    Game Tips

    • You can play in F5 mode to get a better view of the colors around you.
    • To increase your chances of surviving, stand on the corners of the colors you need to be on. If you do this you will have a 1 and 4 chance that the color around you is the one you want. This strategy can save you a lot of time!
    • Timing is essential to win, be prepared to dash to the next color!
    • As the game progresses, the time in between colors will shorten. Be prepared!