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Dec 9, 2019
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    Every location on the WarZ map is part of a Zone. Zones range from Zone 1 - Zone 6. The higher the level of Zone, the better loot you can find there. At any zone you can find items from lower zones with the exclusion of certain guns. You can check what zone you are in by simply using the command /zone.

    There are items that can be found in all lootable Zones such as:

    - Ammunition
    - Food
    - Bones
    - Bandages
    - Armor
    - Weapons
    - Barbed Wire
    - Wire Cutters
    - Boats
    -Grappling Hooks
    -Blood Bags
    Zone 1 - The majority of the map is part of Zone 1. Every part of the map where no loot can be found (roads, rivers etc.) is most likely in a Zone 1.

    Zone 2 - Zone 2's can be found mainly in the towns around the Player spawn areas. Here you can find beans, pasta, fish, wooden swords, stone swords, tier 1 weapons, and leather armor.

    Zone 3 - Zone 3's can be found around the desert area and Gas Station on the old map (servers 4-6) and are dotted around the map on the new map (servers 1-3). In this zone, you have the possibility to find iron armor, iron armor, tier 2 weapons and compasses.

    Zone 4 – Zone 4's are located at Elektro, Hidden Ship, and West Airfield on the old map (servers 4-6), and at Gas Station and various other towns on the new map (servers 1-3). Some items that can be found at Zone 4 towns include iron armor, iron swords, tier 2 and 3 weapons, golden apples and mountain dew.

    Zone 5 - Zone 5 towns on the old maps include; HQ/Mountain Town and East Airfield (servers 4-6) and at various locations on the new map (servers 1-3) including the Jungle, the larger of the two Snow towns, and Manor. Zone 5 towns contain iron armor, diamond swords, iron swords, tier 3 weapons, and all tier 4 weapons excluding the Barrett 50 Cal.

    Zone 6 - Zone 6's can be found at Nether and at Snow on the old map (servers 4-6) and at Army Camp, Industrial, Nether, and Snow on the new map (servers 1-3). Zone 6 towns contain tier 4 weapons and diamond armor. These places are filled with stronger players and donators so be careful!

    Zone 7 - Zone 7's are a brand new zone that brings risk and reward to a whole new level. Designed to be temporary hot spots for PvP action and even better loot than Zone 6's (enchanted diamond armor?!), the Zone 7 locations change on both maps periodically to offer fresh game play. If you find yourself entering a Zone 7, be aware that there will most certainly be other players there!